Accounting Services

Time is a necessity for running a successful business. The most time-consuming tasks, however, aren’t related to the products or services you offer. Instead, these tasks ensure that your accounting portion of the business is always accurate.

How Alexanders Tax Service Can Help You

Accounting deserves your full attention, and so does your business. Instead, trust us with the accounting services so you can run your company. Time is what every business owner needs to run their company better, but so is proper accounting. Without time, you can’t focus on your products, services, and customers. On the other hand, without accounting, your employees won’t be paid, your tax returns won’t be prepared, and your financial statements won’t reflect how well your company is really doing!

This is where Alexanders Tax Service steps in. We manage accounting while our clients focus on business. Our expertise is taking care of all the accounting details and getting:

  • Employees paid consistently and accurately,
  • Your complex sales tax returns prepared promptly,
  • And ensuring your financial statements are a reliable source for making financial decisions.
Accounting Services

Our Accounting Services

We give our clients time and peace of mind. Our accounting services include:

  • Financial statements: We prepare confidential financial statements for our clients when they need them, whether on a quarterly, monthly, or annual basis.
  • Payroll processing: Employees need consistent and accurate payroll services. Otherwise, negative work relationships can develop.
  • Sales tax returns: Leave your receipts and tax-collected reports to us! We will get your sales tax returns done on time.

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Alexanders Tax Service is a full-service tax service practice. Accounting, tax returns, and payroll are our specialties. Clients can count on us for reliable service and the knowledge that their businesses are in good hands.

If you need help with your accounting, tax returns, or payroll, contact us online or call us at 309-347-2154 today.

Don’t be overcharged for tax service, and don’t become overwhelmed by your tax service needs. Instead, trust Alexanders Tax Service, the tax service practice that has been in business for over 70 years. Click here to learn more about our services.