Tax Relief Services

Millions of Americans Qualify For Tax Relief Each Year. 

So Can You.

  • For over 70 years, Alexanders Tax Service has been helping business owners and individuals with tax returns, filings, and financial statements.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by IRS collection notices and tax liens. Our tax experts will sort through the details and find your the relief you deserve.
  • We can help you settle your tax debt and resolve any monies owed ending further debt collection attempts.
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Tax Experts with Decades of Experience

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No one wants to receive a collection notice for the IRS.  However delaying resolution will only make matters worse, adding to your fear and stress levels.

Your current circumstances could make you eligible for legal tax relief.  You could even be eligible to save a substantial amount of money on what you owe.

The seasoned professionals at Alexanders Tax Service can help you navigate the current tax relief code and resolve your IRS debt.

When taxpayers fall behind or even fail to pay their taxes, the IRS will utilize every tool at their disposal to collect that debt.  Late fees and penalties can increase the amount to such staggering levels that it becomes doubtful that it can ever be paid off. Wage garnishments and tax liens can often lead to a never ending series of payments creating additional financial hardship.

Convenient Local Service

Alexanders Tax Service, LLC is conveniently located in Pekin, IL with convenient hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

You won’t be dealing with an individual hundreds of miles away. You’ll be face-to-face with a veteran tax resolution expert who is there to help.

Our seasoned tax professionals can help you qualify for compromise programs, installment agreements, and even tax penalty abatement programs. These plans recognize your current situation and grant you the opportunity to pay what you can afford while still taking care of your basic financial needs.

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